Is Your Inner Coach Supporting Your Goal to Succeed?

We live in a culture that believes there is a coach for everything. We have life coaches, business mentors, personal trainers, financial advisors, nutritional counselors, and experts of every flavor to help navigate all of life’s situations.

If you’ve ever worked with coaches, you know that one size doesn’t fit all. Some take a Marine Corps drill sergeant approach, in the belief that they can shout and badger you into improved performance. Others frame all feedback in the most positive terms possible to avoid damaging your self esteem. Many other coaches have their own mix of negative and positive feedback designed to push you past your comfort zone and into your area of peak performance.

Ultimately, however, it’s the coach inside your head that matters most. And in my experience, many people do not have a supportive inner coach. Often, it’s quite the opposite, which can hold you back from new levels of success.

The truth is, we spend far more time with the inner coach inside our heads than we will ever spend with any other advisor. As individuals and business professionals, we spend considerable time alone, and routinely must make decisions and take action with only ourselves to consult. We need to be able to rely on our inner coach to be on our side. This is especially true for solo professionals who lack the inter-office support that comes with a work team.

The goal is to develop an inner coach that is wise and fair so that you can play to your strengths and work around your weak areas. When you give yourself feedback, that feedback immediately impacts your energy level and your outlook. Negative feedback can stall your efforts and hold you back. Here’s a reality check: Do you often speak to yourself in a critical way? If so, you have a toxic work environment between your ears! The good news is, you can fire that negative inner critic and replace it with a supportive, wise and fair inner coach.

It’s essential to celebrate every win, no matter how small, and to look at mistakes as opportunities to learn, not as failures. Instead of being afraid of mistakes, see them as feedback you can learn from so that success is more likely the next time. As the old proverb states, “Fall down seven times, get up eight.”

The best coaches challenge clients to push beyond their perceived limits, to go outside of the comfort zone. Your inner coach should nudge you to do things you’ve never done before. Set a series of mini goals over a defined period of time, and check in regularly with yourself to see how you’re doing. Don’t wait for someone else to praise you; be the first to recognize and reward your accomplishments.

Good coaches know that there is more than one definition for success. Know how you define success and hold true to it. Feed yourself by celebrating your successes, taking time off, and sharing your wins with a supportive circle of friends or colleagues. And while you’re at it, help others celebrate their successes as well.

Don’t underestimate the power of your inner coach. Learn to become your own mentor, cheerleader and advocate, and you give yourself permission to feel strong, confident and empowered. People will notice the difference, and your positive energy will attract them to you.

Coaching Certification – It’s Not Important, But What Is?

In the coaching profession it is not necessary to get a coaching certification. In other words just about anyone can begin coaching without prior certification from any school or institution. Although there are some places that are making moves to regulate the profession, getting a coaching certification is not a requirement to be great at what you do.

What makes a great coach?

Having a coaching certification is not the basis for one to be considered an amazing coach. If you have prior experience in your field of expertise and you have the zeal and passion to support others then you may have what it takes to be a successful professional coach. You know the ins and outs of the business because you’ve been there done it. Anyone can start their own coaching business with virtually zero training or certifications.

However there is one “training” activity all successful coaches partake in consistently. They are always being coached themselves by a coach who is ahead of where they want to be. It makes sense right? If a coach wants to help their clients grow they must be growing themselves. This is where the true learning comes from. Being coached regularly is the best way to improve as a coach and a mentor.

But in case you’re wondering why there are people who want to get certified, they were indoctrinated by coaching organizations and schools. They believe it’s essential and that’s why these institutions exist to certify them.

Many people want to get certified because they want a validation that they are good coaches. But the truth is, it is highly possible to be certified even if you are not that good of a coach. In the same way that there are many great coaches that exist out there without coaching certification.

There is nothing wrong with getting a coaching certification, but then again there is no guarantee that a certified coach can deliver better results than an uncertified one. In fact, anyone with a printer can claim that they are certified coach-and I mean anyone who may not even have experience in business or in other fields. Who knows right?

If a coaching certification doesn’t matter then, what does?

Experience, ability, a great system-these are just few of the elements that matter when it comes to choosing a business coach. Clients want to invest in people who can help them; a person whom they believe in. And coaches must have a solid background in business or in other fields in order for them to gain the respect and trust of their clients.

Experience in their field can speak for itself. Bill Gates, for example, does not need to be certified in order for him to become a successful business coach. Ask yourself, does he need a certification?

What’s also important is whether or not the he or she was able to deliver desirable results for her or his previous clients. Was she or he able to improve a business, achieve goals or improve relationships? This is an effective way to measure whether or not a coach has a system that works for their clients.

The most important reasons why certain coaches succeed in their field is their irreversible passion for what they do. Coaches can make a great difference in people’s lives only when they have a heart for coaching. And having a coaching certification cannot replace passion, experience, real and raw skills.

MLM Coaching – Are You Following The Wrong Person?

I remember a few years ago, when “coaching” became the new buzz.

I understand coaching for:

Professional Athletes



Race Car Drivers

even Internet Marketers

However, I had and still have a terrible time wrapping my mind around the concept of a MLM Coach, someone to help you in your Network Marketing Business.

My immediate response is what in the heck is your upline doing to earn their royalty commissions? If you are a “leader” and have downline members who are using the services of a coach, you should be ashamed! That is all I am going to say to you about that.

With that said the last 7 years of my 27 year network marketing career, I have been operating Calvert Marketing Group a consulting, coaching, and Seminar Company for the network marketing industry. Thankfully most of my clients are high level six figure industry earners who realize that what they do and teach is not duplicatable by the masses.

I have finally come to grips with the facts. Top producers in network marketing frequently use coaches to help them think strategically about the business and to bounce ideas around. Others use coaches to help find balance between their personal and professional lives. To paraphrase Emerson, “We all need someone who can help us to better do what we already can do.”

The number one problem I see is that there are some network marketing coaches in the marketplace that are trying to teach clients to do, that which they have never done! The industry is full of people who call themselves coaches, just because they took a class, not because they have actually built a thriving, growing, duplicating organization.

Last night I got a call with someone trying to prospect me for the new latest greatest opportunity.

He calls, and asks for me. As soon as I say “this is Dale” he starts into his pitch; new product, new company, more millionaires, great ownership, unique marketing plan and on and on and on and on. When he finally came up for air, I simply said I wish you well, but I am not a prospect.

His response, what are you?

I normally would have hung up and not responded to such a disrespectful comment/question.

But for some reason, I said I operate a training and consulting company for the network marketing industry. (Maybe subconsciously I was hoping I could help him and he would ask for a few pointers on his terrible phone approach)

His response, I do coaching too, how much do you get an hour? My response, that depends, but my normal fee is $500 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. His response, I need to raise my prices, I only charge $200 an hour, but I make more coaching than I do with my opportunity, almost $4,000 last month from coaching 17 clients.

I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry, I just wished the guy well and hung up.

Who are the 17 idiots paying this guy?

His interest is clearly in making money and not helping his clients. With his terrible phone approach I can’t imagine him sharing anything of value with anyone. Just because he went to a class and now can call himself a certified whatever does not mean that you, or anyone else should listen to him.

So do you need a coach?

Probably not, if you are making less than $1,000 a month from your MLM Opportunity, you definitely don’t need a coach. An investment in the right course, teaching you specific skill sets would probably do you much more good.

I have found that full time network marketers whose business has stagnated benefit most from coaching.

So how do you find an effective coach that can really help you propel your business into a higher gear?

If you look at the Top 50-100 coaches in the network marketing industry, there are less than 10 that have actually earned a million dollar annual income with a network marketing opportunity. Start with that list.

The next thing you should look at is how many people on their team were able to create six figure annual incomes?

And lastly and the most important thing is how many of those six figure earners actually developed six figure earners within their organization. These are the people you should follow; these are coaches that I call Pentacle Leaders.

Six figure earners who have taught other six figure earners, who have taught additional six figure earners. These are people that are Pentacle Leaders and these are the coaches you should listen to, because what they teach is duplicatable. Does that make sense?

Six figure earners are a dime a dozen in the MLM Industry. However the reality is 90% of the six figure earners in the industry really don’t know how they did it.

There are two ways to build your business.


You need a coach that has actually built an organization by DESIGN not by chance, because they should be able to teach you that Design (System).