Are You In Potty Training Readiness For Your New Puppy?

Have a new puppy? Here’s what you need to know about puppy house training. Once you know these basics, you’ll be in potty training readiness.

When you get your new pup home, you can use one of two puppy house training methods. You can either paper train your new young dog or you take her outside to relieve herself and establish an outdoor routine.

Paper Training

The paper method can be helpful when you’re in a situation where you can’t take your puppy out easily. For using paper to train, choose a place in your home that will be your puppy’s dog toilet training area. Cover that area with newspaper (putting a layer of plastic under that paper can be a good idea as well).

Every half hour or so and after you feed your new pet, take him or her to the paper area. Set him down and wait until he relieves himself. Then offer effusive praise. Go over the top with praise, and use as high a pitched voice as you can. Give your pup a treat as soon as he’s done his thing.

Now pick up all the paper except one sheet of it. Put down new paper and place the one old sheet on the top. Your puppy will follow her nose to the soiled paper, and she’ll begin to get the idea that that’s where she should do her business. Every time you repeat this process, you can reduce the size of the area you cover with paper until your pet is going on just one sheet of newspaper.

Outside Training

If you want your new pup to relieve himself outside, take him outside after he or she eats and every half hour to hour. Remember that puppies have small bladders. When you take them out often, you have a better chance of preventing accidents. As soon as your pet relieves him or herself, just as with paper training, give your puppy lots of praise and a treat.

No matter which method you use, keep an eye on your pup all the time when you’re inside. This way, you’ll catch your puppy when she tries to reliever herself. As soon as you see her start, make a loud sound to interrupt her. Then take her outside immediately. Scoop her up and carry her. When she continues to relieve herself there, praise her profusely.

Don’t ever scold for a mess. Your puppy won’t have any idea why you’re yelling at her, and it will just make her anxious.

If you remember these pet tips, you’ll be in potty training readiness for your new puppy.